Volume 8, Issue 1 (Spring/Summer 2003)

From the Preface: “The international climate of the past six months has been tumultuous, with the invasion of Iraq, the War on Terror, and an increasingly heated situation in the Middle East providing for international law scholarship. The UCLA School of Law Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs presents Issue Eight, Volume Two, a reflection of the recently evolving ten- sions in the fundamental theory of international law, its practice, and basic human rights.”

Keynote: Process and Function of the Terree Bowers 3 International Criminal Court

Panel: “The Foreign Affairs Consequences of Panelists: 17 America’s Absence” Ambassador David Scheffer, Ambassador Pierre-Richard Prosper, and Terree Bowers Moderator: Jonathan Zasloff Panel:

“Universal Jurisdiction” Issues Raised by Competing Theories

The Limits of International Justice

Pitfalls of International Idealism

Practical Implications of Universal Jurisdiction

The Surrender of Alleged War Criminals to International Tribunals: Examining the Constitutionality of Extradition Via Congressional-Executive Agreement

Poisoned Chalice?: The Rights of Criminal Defendants Under International Law, During the Pre-Trial Phase

COMMENT: United States v. Nippon Paper Industries: Price- Fixing Conspiracy or Trade Remedy?

COMMENT: The United Kingdom’s New Export Control Act of 2002 and its Possible Impact on United Kingdom Universities and Academic Freedom: A Comparison of Export Control in the United States and the United Kingdom

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