Volume 4, Issue 2 (Fall/Winter 1999-2000)

The UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs (JILFA) brings together in its Fall/Winter 1999-2000 issue a collection of writings that is not only timely, but also diverse. On one hand, this volume examines conventional subjects such as the international law of providing military aid to insurgents, the efficacy of regional and multilateral trade vehicles, the wisdom of current U.S. export control policies and the involvement of NGOs in promoting transitional justice. On the other hand, we break new ground by recognizing the growing importance of the Internet and examine how Europe and other countries have begun to shape and fashion their laws toward cyberspace. All the pieces, however, share the common theme of exploring international law through a truly multidisciplinary lens.

ESSAY: Canada, Free Trade, and the Diminishing Returns of Hemispheric Regionalism

Could We Have Armed the Kosovo Liberation Army? The New Norms Governing Intervention in Civil War

A High Price to Pay: The Costs of the U.S. Economic Sanctions Policy and the Need for Process Oriented Reform

Trademarks and Internet Domain Names in the Digital Millennium

COMMENT: A Market Response to the European Union Directive on Privacy

COMMENT: The Critical Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Transitional Justice: A Case Study of Guatemala

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