Volume 3, Issue 1 (Spring/Summer 1998)

We begin the Spring/Summer 1998 issue of the UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs (JILFA) with a three-part discussion of relevant issues in the ongoing debate over China’s proposed accession to the World Trade Organization.

China and the WTO: The Transparency Issue

Concluding China’s Accession to the WTO: The U.S. Congress and Permanent Most Favored Nation Status for China

The Asian Question: Integration of East Asia into the World Economy

Extradition to the Rwandan War Crimes Tribunal: Is Another Treaty Required?

Reconciling Reconciliation

The Continental Shelf of Ireland: The Law and Politics of Delimitation

Cooperation, International Organizations, and Multilateral Interventions in the Post-Cold War Era: Lessons Learned from the Gulf War, The Balkans, Somalia, and Cambodia

International Law and the Spoils of War: To the Victor the Right of Spoils?

COMMENT: Opposing Forces in a Revolution in International Patent Protection: The U.S. and India in the Uruguay Round and its Aftermath

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