The UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs is an interdisciplinary publication promoting scholarship in international law and foreign relations. It publishes articles by leading scholars, practitioners and other professionals from around the world as well as student comments. Some of JILFA’s issues are topical, focusing on themes such as immigration or international gender and race discrimination, and others offer more variety, ranging from conflicting approaches to technological developments, to the international criminal court, to sovereign debt crises.

Established in 1996, JILFA was among the first student-produced publications that bridged the historical divide between international law and foreign relations. Its subject matter, therefore, is intentionally broad, linking such disciplines as international law, politics, policy, and economics.

JILFA publishes twice annually. Each volume of JILFA is published in print, and physical copies of recent issues are available for purchase online. JILFA is available digitally on HeinOnline, LexisNexis, and Westlaw as well as through UCLA’s open access repository eScholarship. The journal will also soon be available as part of the JSTOR Security Studies collection.

The journal hosts a symposium each year on an emerging topic of importance in the realm of international and comparative law.

UCLA School of Law students serve on the Executive and Editorial Boards and function with the support of faculty and administration. For more information about JILFA or to submit an article for consideration, please email jilfa@lawnet.ucla.edu.

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